Pound town confessions: simone and john tell different versions of their hawaii hookup

On last night’s premiere of “Are You The One?”, funnyman John said he wanted an independent, take-charge type of gal, and that’s precisely what he got. Before Week One was over — and with the help of some liquid courage — John made a move on seductress Simone, and the two lovebirds christened the house’s den of sin: Pound Town. It was revealed in the show’s first Match-Up that the two weren’t a perfect pair, but in our “Pound Town Confessions” follow-up video below, both say they were happy to provide the game’s inaugural hookup.

“We set the tone for everybody! Like, it’s time to get it crackin’,” Simone comments, and adds that though she wasn’t initially attracted to John, his sense of humour won her over. Both she and John insist that they didn’t go all the way, and Simone says there’s one particular variable that might prevent it from ever happening. After rating the hookup a 7 out of 10, she explains that she “took three away…because of his penis size.” (Hey, she did warn us that small junk was a dealbreaker.)

John, however, is resolute that he’s packin’. “I think I would describe my penis as big,” he says. “That’s all that needs to be said.”

Check out the video for more from Simone and John on their Pound Town roll in the sack, and tell us if you were surprised to see these two get busy.