This police officer dgaf, breakdances in uniform at movement festival

You may not expect law enforcement to be the most welcome presence at an EDM event, but Detroit police officer Frederick Youngblood shocked everyone at Movement Electronic Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend when he spontaneously broke it down for a cheering crowd.

Warrior Level – Detroit B-Boy Cop

Posted by Stanton Warriors on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Posted to the Stanton Warriors Facebook page with the caption “Detroit B-Boy Cop,” the video of Youngblood breakdancing in a circle of festival attendees is inspiring social media comments such as, “It’s police officers like this who are good cops, they know the community they have a rapport with the community.”

That wasn’t Youngblood’s only performance of the day, either, as he took to the stage during Hudson Mohawke’s set to get the crowd moving.

“It was just to let the crowd know we support them and love them,” Youngblood told the Detroit Free Press. “And they love us too. It’s a great thing when the community and the police come together.”

Many Facebook commenters expressed concern that Youngblood would be disciplined — we’re waiting for a statement from a Police Detroit Department spokesperson — but during a time when police relations with the public have been especially strained nationwide, seeing an officer who connects with his community is definitely something to dance over.