People are losing their minds over this stupid hot jogger who was on the news

Across the United States, late autumn weather is unseasonably warm. (Today … right now … in New York City … in December, it is 60 degrees.) The world has gone mad — but with that madness comes unseasonable shirtlessness.

Reporter Tahman Bradley of WGN TV Chicago caught jogger Ethan Renoe running along Lake Michigan on Sunday, Dec. 13 while reporting on this warmth, and the exchange with Renoe is as awkward as it is thirst-inducing.

When asked why he’s running shirtless in the warm winter rain, Renoe tells him, “It’s too wet to wear a shirt.” OK, boo. We appreciate your candor (and your exclamation that you’re single, too).

“Ethan The Shirtless Wonder,” as he is now lovingly called on the internet, has been viewed in that 30-second exchange over one million times since it was uploaded less than 24 hours ago. The date proposals are rolling in through the comments.

Renoe, who lives in Colorado (sorry, Chicagoans who just followed him on Twitter), is shocked at the attention, telling WGN that he has “about 900 friend requests on Facebook right now.”

We guess he can thank Mother Nature for his newfound fame. And we can thank her, too.

Watch the jog seen ’round the world below.

So this just happened. Enjoying the weather, are you, “Ethan”?

Posted by WGN TV on Sunday, December 13, 2015