Pauly d’s social media smack-talk has a wwe wrestler ready to throw down

He can bring his own drinks to the pre-party, is one of the world’s top-earning DJs and has enough cash flow to build a house out of gold chains, but Pauly D ain’t resting yet. The "Jersey Shore" star just bagged a new job as Social Media Ambassador for the WWE, and definitely gave the high-flyers inside the ring some trash-talking competition while making his proud debut during Monday Night Raw.

As Seaside Heights has made Pauly expertly familiar with Juiceheads and bikini-clad divas, alike, we knew he’d have this gig down, no prob. And when he finally took to Twitter, he did such a good job talkin’ about chick magnets and analyzing the professional fighters that fans got the guido trending worldwide on Twitter! More importantly, Pauly’s smack-talkin’ got the attention of Tag Team Champion Heath Slater, who looked ready to throw down:


And, from there, the ginger gave our "Shore" sir a low blow:


What a juicehead! Could this rivalry ever make it into the ring? We might just find out when Pauly spins at Summer Slam. Either way, Mike "The Miz" better be prepared to come to the rescue!