Pauly d’s iphone app dares you to ‘beat that boardwalk’

Between opening for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale Tour and filming his new "Jersey Shore" spin-off (!!!), it’s likely Pauly D hasn’t seen much of Seaside Heights in recent months. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the comforts of the oceanside town’s colorful boardwalk, paired with the threat of some of its thugs, are now accessible anytime/anywhere to the DJ and anyone else with an iPhone in his or her pocket.

"Beat That Boardwalk," an ode to old arcade games, is available now through the iPhone app store, and for less than a buck, it carries this blogger’s stamp of two-bit approval. The game gives players the chance to direct Pauly across the boardwalk as he tries to pick up headphones and women for points while avoiding bullies with readied fists. Pacifist Pauly won’t fight back though, and players can sidestep the aggressors, jump over their heads or breeze by them by achieving the elusive "Guido Streak!" Oh, and the soundtrack? Just try to get the bass out of your head; you’ll be fist pumping and accidentally tossing the device into oncoming foot traffic in no time!

+ Check out some shots of the game below, and make sure to download a copy for yourself. The fate of coastal NJ lies in your hands…


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