Pauly d ditches his blowout! How does his dapper gatsby look compare to leo dicaprio’s? [photo]

The town of West Egg has just found its modern-day party-throwing prince. DJ Pauly D, whose identity is deeply rooted in his signature blowout, whipped out some pomade yesterday and flattened down his hair-crown in an attempt to match the class of “The Great Gatsby.” If we may be so bold: It’s a job well done, old sport! We bet Daisy Buchanan’s clutching her pearls at the very thought of a more dapper Pauly D. Hell, the “Jersey Shore” export might even be better suited to the role than Leonardo DiCaprio!

“#TheGreatDJGatsby!!!” Pauly D tweeted with the photo next to Leo above, in which he’s dressed to the nines and giving a thumbs-up salute. Can’t you see the resemblance? CAN’T YOU??? At the very least, PD would have made a great right-hand man, providing the fist-pumpin’ tunes at the playboy’s many lavish parties…if Jay-Z wasn’t available, of course.

Check out the gentlemen’s side-by-side pics, and tell us how you think Pauly compares to Leo!