Pauly d addresses guidos’ infamous skinny-leg syndrome

Sure, Seaside Heights’ resident guidos are built like brick houses up top, but what about below the belt? Skinny-leg Syndrome is an emerging epidemic among juiceheads (even Snooki picked up on the "Jersey Shore" trend last summer), and Pauly D’s finally speaking out about the shrunken-limb condition, and why it has become synonymous with the "Guido workout."

"We don’t do legs enough. That’s a problem," Pauly recently told Men’s Fitness on behalf of guidos everywhere. "If we need to skip something, we’ll skip legs. So we joke around; before we go to the beach we do chest and bi’s only." Should squats somehow find their ways back into the guys’ routines, Pauly says he probably won’t look to Mike’s protein-enhanced vodka (but it sounds so good!) to help bulk up. Instead, he’s keeping his attention focused on the success of his own Remix cocktail line…now available in four delightful flavors!

To find out about Pauly’s must-have workout playlists, his favorite drunk munchies and what he’s got in the works with 50 Cent, take a look at the full story!

Photo: Ian Spanier