Paula’s convinced the final ‘rivals ii’ jungle will ruin some solid friendships [sneak peek]

“I’m not here to make friends!” is the enduring reality competition battle cry, but the remaining female teams on “Rivals II” (minus Cooke and Cara Maria) have ignored it and formed strong bonds in Thailand. However, now that only one Jungle separates the women from the final, things could fall apart, and in the sneak peek of the next episode below, Paula has a sinking feeling that if Team Red wins the last pre-final game, the friendly six-pack will turn against one another and s**t will hit the fan.

“Even though we are all friends, there’s a point where we’re gonna step on each other’s toes,” Emily says, worried that her alliance could crumble in the game’s eleventh hour. “Are they gonna gang up on me? Are they gonna try to get rid of [Paula and me] at the last possible second? I just have to expect anything.” And as Paula starts to really consider the prospect that friends could potentially be their undoing, the vet gets visibly upset. “No matter what, people will not be friends after this — I can see the tsunami coming,” she tells Camila. “This is gonna suck so bad.”

Check out the sneak peek, and see what happens on the next “Rivals II,” Wednesday night at 10e/7p!