Paris’ first impression of her ‘are you the one? ’ hookup: pratt was ‘a giant d-bag’

As of right now, Pratt and Paris see a future together in the “Are You The One?” Honeymoon Suite. But even if they wind up living happily ever after, you might be surprised to hear that their love story’s first page will be a scathing read.

The Season 2 lovebirds, who sealed the deal on Monday night’s episode, say they pretty much hated each other at first glance in the “Pound Town Confessions” clip below. But that it didn’t stop them from letting bygones be bygones once the drinks started flowing.

“After talking to her, I was like ‘Wow, this girl’s a bitch,’” Pratt says. “I think somebody put it in her head that we were a match, and then she all of a sudden was a sweetheart to me.”

Still, Paris, who similarly describes her first impression of Pratt as “absolutely terrible,” ultimately warmed up to the man who wears sunglasses inside. She adds that her proposition for some innocent snuggling one night ultimately led to a bit of boom boom — or what Pratt deems “drunken debauchery love-gone-wrong.”

From there, Paris admits, the details are fuzzy.

“The first night we hooked up, I was completely smashed,” she recalls. “So to compare it to other people, I thought it was great. Drunk sex is always generally great.”

Does Pratt remember his experience as fondly? Check out the clip below to find out, and tune in to the next “Are You The One?” episode Monday night at 10e/7p!