Oscars 2014 by the numbers: impress your friends with our handy infographic

Numbers aren’t everything … they’re the only thing. Just ask Jordan Belfort or the crew from “American Hustle.”

With that in mind, MTV News decided to put together this infographic breaking down all the numbers you need to know for the 2014 Oscars but were too afraid to ask (or too lazy to look up).

We’ve broken down the Best Picture nominees by box office numbers (“Gravity” soared), the acting categories by age (JLaw is only 23!) and total nominations (Meryl Streep has 19), and even checked out which categories had the highest and lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating (Best Makeup And Hairstyling didn’t do so great).

And of course, no Oscar infographic is complete without some fun facts. Matthew McConaughey was only six years old when Bruce Dern received his last Oscar nomination way back in 1978, and a bunch of nomineesweren’t even born yet. And even the great Meryl Streep had just been nominated for her first Oscar.