Oscars 2013 backstage: private meet-ups revealed

No matter what happens onstage at the Oscars, you can rest assured that the real stories are happening just a few feet away from the images being beamed to billions of eyes worldwide. Thanks to our people on the inside, MTV News has exclusive info on what really went on behind the scenes.

It’s not an awards show without a red carpet, and it’s not a red carpet without mingling celebrities from all different spheres. That’s just what Best Actor nominee Bradley Cooper hoped would happen when he brought his mother as his Academy Awards night date. Cooper’s mother had one mission for the night: meet Mr. “Miami Vice” himself, Don Johnson. Sometimes, a mother has to take the opportunity to meet a longtime favourite whenever she can.

The red carpet is flanked by incredibly devoted movie fans who opt to spend their day outdoors, hoping for a glimpse of their favourite celebrities. Those fans got more than a glimpse of George Clooney, though, when the Oscar-winner took time to sign autographs. Whatever karma he earned from that good deed paid off at the end of the night when Clooney took home a statue for producing “Argo.

Awards-show regular Adele, who won her first Academy Award at Sunday night’s ceremony, received the loudest screams and applause on the red carpet from her fans. The waves of positivity showered upon her went on to fuel a show-stopping performance of her winning song, “Skyfall.” And however excited fans were to see her on the red carpet, Adele was equally excited to see Bradley Cooper in the theater’s aisles. The singer took a moment to give Cooper a big hug and let him know how much she loved “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Nominee Amy Adams had a bit of trouble controlling her Oscar de la Renta dress. Adams had to split her time between watching the show’s numerous musical performances and keeping her head-turning dress from unfurling out into the aisle, proving that some fashions are just truly out of control.

Comedians really can’t turn off the humour, even when their jokes have a small audience. Thanks to our ears backstage, we can report that “Les Mis√©rables” actor Sacha Baron Cohen got a big laugh from a joke about how difficult it must be having the Jewish holiday Purim on the same night as the Academy Awards.

Despite starring in two of her most intense dramas, director Kathryn Bigelow’s stars apparently know how to party. Evidence suggests that Jeremy Renner (nominated for 2008’s “The Hurt Locker”) and Jessica Chastain (nominated this year for “Zero Dark Thirty”) were having a blast backstage. Chastain didn’t let her loss to Jennifer Lawrence dampen her spirits Sunday night, and the same can be said about Helen Hunt: Upon seeing the ushers bring in refreshments, the 1997 Best Actress winner rationalized, “I lost the Oscar, so I’m entitled to a candy.”

It’s not all partying and candy for everyone backstage. When they discovered that the doors to the house were temporarily closed, Jennifer Hudson, Helena Bonham Carter and Samantha Barks crowded around a monitor to watch Adele perform “Skyfall.” Considering the amount of glitter that fell from the ceiling and all over the house during that performance, maybe backstage was the best place to enjoy that spectacular performance.