One time shain got so “buckwild” he stole shae’s car! [video]

Last week, we learned all about Shain’s obsession with automobiles. But his insane driving style doesn’t stop at “The Shain Test” or pushing the limits of refurbished trucks. In this exclusive MTV interview clip, the country boy shares the story of a “BUCKWILD” stunt that got the best of him, which resulted in him having to front Shae some cash for new tires.

“I think he’s better driving backwards than forwards,” Shae says in the video below, as Shain nods knowingly. The sassy blond explains that Shain once drove backwards for approximately two miles down a windy road without even flinching! Damn, is there anything this kid can’t do?! Oh wait, yes…one thing: keep his hands to himself. “They stole my car and went for this joyride,” Shae laments. Shain defends his late-night sneak attack, claiming it was okay because he put gas back in her tank. Right after ruining her tires. What? Drifting sounds like it was totally worth it. Listen to the wacky story for yourself: