Oh, ya know, just a photo of maci bookout’s precious son on a rocking horse with a kitten in his lap

There are certain sights that would make even those crossing the River Styx feel a bit better about their impending doom, and Maci Bookout‘s most recent Instagram is a shining example. The teen mom brought the better part of social media to a screeching halt last night, when she posted a photo of her son triumphantly riding a stuffed rocking horse with a little kitty safely in tow, and — no hyperbole — we’re pretty sure the minute the pic hit the web, all the evil in the world was instantaneously eliminated.

“B giving the little kitty a pony ride. #yeehaw,” Maci posted of her household’s knight in Nike armor. It’s not clear if the teensy kit was recently saved by the benevolent hero or if it’s the Sancho Panza to Bentley’s Don Quixote, but no villain — great or small — will stand a chance against this boy and his trusted stuffed steed. Wait a second: Does this mean he’s trading in his beloved bikes for the likes of a Clydesdale?