Now that scott is the new alpha, what will happen to his pack?

The return of ‘Teen Wolf‘ is just one month away and we’re literally about to ‘Lose Our Minds‘ with the release of BRAND NEW character photos!

With Scott as the new alpha we expect BIG changes to come for his pack, that’s why we decided to accompany the photos along with new cast bios  and give you our take on what’s to come for the pack. Check ’em below!



By ritually opening a beacon in his mind and exposing himself to supernatural dangers, Scott’s ability to lead his pack as the new alpha will be greatly tested. We’re left wondering, will Scott rise up in the fight against evil or will opening a door within his mind cause him to become evil himself? One thing is for sure, becoming the new alpha will mean changes to his pack, maybe even additions.


Aiden & Ethan: 

Ethan and Aiden

Now that twins, Aiden & Ethan, are no longer alphas, they’ll have no choice but to try and join Scott’s pack to avoid living on the run as omegas and being terrorized. (Karma can be a real b*tch). If Scott accepts them as part of the group, this could complicate maintaining his friendship with Stiles.




If the twins don’t take Stiles’ place, then Isaac very well could. Not only is Isaac Scott’s roommate, he’s now officially part of his pack and willing to do everything he can not to let him down.




Worrying about Isaac or the twins replacing him as first place BFF is the least of Stiles’ problems.  With his best friend taking over as alpha, their friendship will continue to be tested. There may be a dark road ahead for Stiles. In the latest promo we see him with hands covered in blood while friends whisper, ‘This Isn’t You,’ but Stiles doesn’t look so sure.