Not-so-friendly fire: the biggest fights among ‘awkward’ bffs

Keeping a carnival goldfish alive is tough. Keeping a Palos Hills friendship alive can be Herculean.

On this week’s “Awkward” episode, Tamara and Jenna temporarily lost their BFF footing when Jenna was outed as the sole Dude Database creator and T, the actual brains behind the operation, stood idly by and let her friend take the fall. Thankfully, their brief Valentine’s Day battle eventually came to an end, but we were quickly reminded of the fact that Palos Hills pals sometimes fall out of the honeymoon phase, and it’s NEVER pretty.

Below, we’ve taken a look back at the small cracks that have developed in the show’s otherwise rock-solid friendships. Check ‘em out, and watch the next “Awkward” episode Tuesday night at 10/9c!

No party favors here

Jenna found herself in hot water with Tamara when she accidentally kissed Ricky Schwartz after being drugged by Aunt Ally. She tried to explain herself, but T couldn’t overlook the transgression and temporarily ditched J-Town as her partner-in-crime.

Oh captain, (not) my captain

For years, Sadie Saxton had the school’s cheer squad in the palm of her hand, but the team shook things up during her senior year when they voted to give Lissa the leadership role. Sadie begged, borrowed and — let’s be honest — threatened Lissa to turn the title back over, and when she wouldn’t, Sadie gave her the heave-ho.

This is your friendship on drugs

Jenna’s downward spiral during her junior year didn’t go without consequence — not only did her grades sink, her friendships suffered too. And when Tamara and Ming couldn’t take her surly attitude anymore, they gave her the most cutting tell-off possible: TAKE CARE!

The not-so-good fight

When Jake got news that his best pal Matty McKibben secretly dated Jenna before Jakenna were ever an item, he didn’t quite take it all in stride. Pissed, Jake picked a fight in the middle of a lunch period pep rally and left his buddy bruised and battered.

Valecy 4-ever?

Barbara McKibben was never quite fond of Lacey Hamilton — that is, until she got a few glasses of Pinot grigio in her. On New Year’s Eve, Matty’s and Jenna’s mothers finally bonded, and Val, who was previously Lacey’s go-to gal pal, felt the scorn.