Not entirely eliminated: watch dustin and jessica find out they have a second ‘challenge’ chance

Getting tossed from “The Challenge” is a tough pill to swallow, but being the first “Battle of the Exes 2” casualty? Now that’s the pits.

On last night’s premiere episode, as consequence to a strong rookie showing, “Free Agents” lovebirds Dustin and Jessica were eliminated after flubbing “Pole Position” and were driven to a sequestered house from which they assumed they’d both soon fly home. But host TJ Lavin had other plans…

In the clip above, Dustin and Jessica struggle to accept their fates (“It is one of the lowest feelings you could have — rush of emotion,” Jessica notes), and just when they’re sure their heads couldn’t hang any lower, they find a tape that includes good news from TJ: They’ve got a second chance.

The grand officiant tells Team Blue they’ve got one more opportunity to go for the game’s big money, and starting next week, Dustin and Jessica will face off against the game’s second eliminated pair in “Ex-iled.” The winner will move on — permanently eliminating the loser — and the losers bracket-style tournament will continue until one team finally returns to the game with the hope of a first-place finish.

Watch Dustin and Jessica get the shock of their lives, tell us if you think they’ll be able to last through “Ex-iled” and be sure to catch the next “Battle of the Exes 2″ episode next Tuesday night at 11e/8p!