Noah cyrus licking this mtv award is classic miley

Noah Cyrus has walked MTV red carpets before, but Sunday (May 7) marks her first MTV Movie & TV Awards performance. Days before hitting the stage for “Stay Together” — her breezy new single off her upcoming NC-17 album — she pulled a Miley at the awards show’s press junket. Sun’s out, tongues out, am I right?

Yep, that’s Noah violating the Golden Popcorn’s personal space with her tongue. Surely you remember the many, many times big sister Miley did the same to the VMA Moonman statue. If not, let me remind you.

Here she is getting ready to host the 2015 VMAs:

And here she is getting up close and personal with the Moonman ahead of the 2013 VMAs:

Licking something is definitely one way to mark your territory. Fingers crossed that Noah someday gets a Moonman of her own to make out with. Her recent “Stay Together” music video is a good place to start.