No one’s an angel at hester high, but who was the biggest ‘faking it’ offender?

A lot of good has been done this season on “Faking It“: Karma and Liam stood tall in protest against a Fortune 500 Company, Shane helped Amy get in touch with some massively repressed feelings and, of course, Lauren introduced Austin, Texas, to the wonder of the croquembouche.

But the bad might have outweighed each bit of consideration around Hester High School; by the time Amy’s mother married Lauren’s father on the season finale, the area resembled a war zone.

1postlaurenPhoto: Jamel Toppin

Lauren, for one, never concealed her arms and let the bullets fly from day one. The formerly popular girl’s treatment of those she sees as beneath her (ahem, Lisbeth) is pretty deplorable. And though we saw a bit of humanity in her when she crumbled during the bridal shower she planned, Lauren was still mowing folks down until the very end of the season. Heck, she even corralled the school’s most popular girls to publicly shame Liam for serial dating.

1postliamPhoto: Jamel Toppin

And as far as Liam is concerned, he can sometimes get a bad rap. After all, he explained in the very first episode that he makes his intentions with his many hookups clear but that girls attach themselves anyway. That being said, his pursuit of Karma — someone he genuinely believed was in a relationship — was pretty tough to justify (his epiphany that going after her was immoral didn’t come until much later). Plus, his hookup with Amy — Karma’s best friend and fake ex-girlfriend — in Season 1′s very last scene definitely won’t earn him the Good Guy Badge on his Eagle Scout sash.

1postamyPhoto: Jamel Toppin

To that point, Amy might seem like the gang’s most moral member. But could it just be that she’s more sneaky about her deceit? Amy was certainly entitled to keep her feelings for Karma private when they first blossomed, but the longer she waited to come clean, the more her secret seemed like a lie by omission — at least in the context of her agreement with Karma. Plus, she put Shane in a really tough position by letting him in on the truth but forcing him to keep quiet.

1posthsanePhoto: Jamel Toppin

And keeping quiet is not Shane’s strong suit. Though he tried to be Amy’s steel vault, he did ultimately spill the Karmy beans to Liam. Shane doesn’t necessarily intend to hurt those he loves, but he seems to do it pretty frequently. In fact, it was only when Lauren shined a light on him that he realized how self-absorbed and narcissistic he can be. Serving his own interests is paramount, and if Shane is ever forced to help himself or someone else, you can bet he’ll do the former.

1PostKarmaPhoto: Jamel Toppin

If there’s one person whose ego might soon compete with Shane’s, though, it’s Karma. Let’s not forget: The idea of “faking it” was hers, and she proved through the season that she’d do essentially anything — even burn her best friend Amy on several occasions — to get with Liam. Karma begged, borrowed and stole to get what she wanted and, what’s worse, she tried to defend pursuing her own agenda as something that could also benefit Amy.

These offenses don’t look so pretty now that they’re all spelled out in black and white. So, everything considered, tell us: Who has some groveling to do when Season 2 rolls around?