Nikki deloach vows to never write her son a carefrontation letter

Nowadays, Lacey Hamilton‘s pen is reserved for signing checks at designer shoe sales, but “Awkward” fans might never forget that once upon a time, it was a no-holds-barred weapon.

Way back in Season 1 of the show, Jenna Hamilton was forced to face the harsh truth that her very own mother drafted the dreaded “Carefrontation” letter, an anonymous note that itemized Jenna’s faults in icy-cold fashion. Lacey apologized until she was blue in the face when the truth came out and insisted that she only meant to help her daughter. But either way, actress Nikki Deloach says it’s a tactic she won’t soon adopt for her young son, Hudson.


In the current issue of BC Magazine, Nikki, who poses with her son in some stunning retro-housewife shots, says she doesn’t judge Lacey for her mistake but that she’ll try her best not to repeat it.

“I’ve learned to never say never, and never say always,” Nikki tells the mag. “Except with Hudson, because I will always love him. I would like to think that by the time Hudson is a freshman in high school and he’s going through something like this, I will be really quick to handle it, instead of giving him a confrontation. I’m sure that I will muck it up some other way, and I’ll have to ask for forgiveness.”


And Nikki’s not the only loving parent Hudson’s got. She says her husband Ryan, a fellow former pop star, is everything she hoped he would be as a father. Plus, she divulges, the way he proposed after 10 years of dating is one for the books.

“He brought over Chinese food, a bottle of wine, and one rose,” she recalls. “We finished our dinner, and he didn’t eat a thing because he was so nervous. Finally at the end of it, he gave me this fortune cookie, and it said, ‘Will you marry me?’” FRAME IT. FRAME IT NOW!


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