Nicole byer gets trashy for sitcom parody

“Full House” taught us about the ties that bind family, “Boy Meets World” explored the awkwardness of growing up and soon, in a fictional universe, “Garbage Girls” will tackle what happens when you ditch your dreams in favour of slinging trash. In a sitcom opening dreamed up by comedian Alison Rich, two friends — one of them played by Nicole Byer of “Girl Code” — trade in their Hollywood ambitions for careers as “Garbage Girls,” and let us just say: They make banana peels and discarded tin cans look good.

“They packed up their lives and moved cross-country for dreams,” a jazzy tune narrates of “Garbage Tina” and “Garbage Beth” in the fake show’s intro below. “But dreams were hard and they were bad at them, so they gave up and became GARBAGE GIRLS!” And in case you had any doubts, the girls prove that working with refuse is just as glamorous as it sounds. There’s soiled plastic that can get stuck in your hair! Half-eaten sandwiches you can munch on between shifts! Newspaper that doubles as a loofah! Who needs Tinsel Town when you’ve got that dumpster full of fresh trash on the corner of La Cienega and Olympic?

Check out the parody, and tell us if you’d be a “Garbage Girls” fan if given the chance!