Nicki minaj brought ‘grunge’ to mario’s ‘somebody else’ video

Love gets messy. Really messy. And that’s clear in Mario‘s new video for “Somebody Else,” the lead single from his upcoming fourth album, which includes a cameo from Nicki Minaj.

The clip opens with Mario splayed across a car on the street and it eventually becomes clear that he was pushed from the window of a skyscraper by his angry girlfriend. That angry girlfriend is Nicki Minaj, who Mario says was the perfect fit for his first single.

“I feel like Nicki fit the same characteristics of the track,” he told MTV News. “Being from New York, being grungy, but at the same time understanding taste and prestige and also being a great lyricist and being able to represent a brand.

“She has her own brand and she’s so versatile,” he added. “She could take it back to her roots when she was putting out mixtapes that were just real gritty and straight to the point. We need that. So I think that she was the only one really.”

Mario explained that while he had a few different ideas for the video shoot, he eventually went with the one that accommodated Nicki’s schedule and still complemented the song well.

“I had three or four concepts for the video because I didn’t wanna do the typical ‘cheat on your girl and she walks in the house and catches you’ type of thing,” he said. “I wanted there to be more shock value. I wanted it to feel like a movie and to feel cinematic.”

“I had another script that was more prestigious I would say, in terms of how I wanted to shoot it and where, but this just made more sense because Nicki was in the New York at the time shooting a movie.”

Mario hasn’t decided on a title or release date for his album just yet, but stayed tuned for more details.