Nia shares through tears why she called off her ‘real world’ hit on jordan [video]

After all the fighting — with and without that lamp — we honestly cannot believe “Real World” came to a close without at least one trip to the hospital. On last night’s finale, when Nia turned her sights on her original nemesis, Jordan, we thought for sure he’d end up crumpled in the streets of Portland at the hands of Nia’s friend, Dom. Her increasingly erratic and borderline illegal behaviour left us wondering if we were going to see the elusive “RW” field producers emerge from the fourth wall and intervene, but the baddest bitch in the Portland house decided to call the dogs off at the 11th hour. Phew!

Nia explains her last-minute 180 in the “Real World” After Show clip, below: “The way we were gonna do it was gonna be f**king, like, thug nasty,” she says through tears of her and Dom’s plot to end Jordan. “In a cafe, wreck the whole f**king place, kick his ass…and what if I get sent home? It doesn’t matter, it’s only the day before [we leave].”

Um, is this “The Godfather” or “Real World”? Nia essentially put a hit out on her housemate, and while we’re glad she saw the error of her ways before it was too late, we can’t help but think how scary things could have gotten if she hadn’t put the kibosh on the whole ploy. We fear for any future “Challenge” competitors that get in her way…

Check out Nia’s remorseful telling of the tale, and let us know what you thought of the finale!