Nia, jordan and jessica weigh in on marlon’s ‘real world’ sex pressures [video]

Did Marlon break his oath of chastity? Oh, hell yes. On last night’s “Real World,” we saw the preacher’s son involve himself in some not-so-saintly behaviour when he let go of his religious convictions to sleep with a girl he’d just met. Because he’d made a promise to his father to remain celibate, Marlon was filled with shame the morning after, but in the “Real World After Show” clip below, JessicaJordan and Nia say he was entirely too hard on himself.

“He was going through a lot, and the house was hell at that point,” Nia says, noting it was only a matter of time before Marlon sought sexual refuge. “Like I told him: ‘You are a man, it’s commendable that you would even try to [stay abstinent]. It doesn’t make you a bad Christian.'”

While the trio thinks Marlon shouldn’t have beaten himself up over that one indiscretion, fellow church-goer Jessica says she could empathize with Marlon’s shame: “When he failed, I know that hurt him.”

Are you surprised that Marlon gave in to his temptations after keeping his hands to himself for so long? Watch the clip, and share your reaction!