Nia explains her ‘real world’ truce with johnny and averey [video]

Was that a tiny shred of remorse we saw from Nia on last night’s “Real World,” or just more guerrilla warfare? The baddest bitch in the Portland house actually swallowed her pride and buried the hatchet with Averey and Johnny, but it’s never easy to tell whether or not Nia’s motives are pure.

The majority of the episode was focused on Bird’s big blowup with her boyfriend, but in the “Real World After Show” clip below, Nia assures Jordan and Jessica that Ana’s fragile state had nothing to do with the cease-fire. “I knew that I was causing a lot of the stress,” Nia admits of her role in Bird’s breakdown. But just because Nia may have been the straw that broke Ana’s Mark-heavy back, she claims the trio’s truce was more about putting a stop to the constant fighting than being concerned about Ana’s feelings.

There are three episodes left in the season, and if Nia’s past behavior is any indication, this little reconciliation is simply the calming eye of the storm…