Next on ‘ridiculousness’: these ladies need a lesson in decorum [sneak peek]

Chanel West Coast’s smile could light up a room, but make no mistake: When someone puts up their dukes, she’s not afraid to throw down. On the next episode of “Ridiculousness,” Rob Dyrdek asks Chanel about her girl fight history (for the record, her last scuffle was on New Year’s and involved a few shots to the baby feeder), and in the sneak peek of the next new episode below, the Red Couch Crew sorts through the kind of behaviour that would make Ms. Porter turn over in her grave. Ladies, to your corners!

In “Act Like A Lady,” Rob sets out to prove that men aren’t the only ones who answer arguments with their fists. From old ladies who put UFC champions to shame, to roommates who prefer to whoop ass than cook in the kitchen, the women featured are not afraid to get down and dirty. And if you thought that a club-goer dragging her party pal across a parking lot by her hair was off-limits, well, you are mistaken, friend. All’s fair when you just want to go home.

Break out your flak jacket, watch the full sneak and tune in to an all-new “Ridiculousness,” Thursday night at 10e/p!