Next on ‘ridiculousness’: how to become ugly in a few easy steps [sneak peek]

Keeping up appearances can be a lot of work, but uglification is as easy as one, two, run head-first into a thick glass wall. On the next “Ridiculousness,” A$AP Rocky will lend seasoned mocker Rob Dyrdek a helping hand in breaking down the mystique of becoming busted, and in the sneak peek below, a few stunt-happy folks with video cameras prove making yourself into an undesirable is a cakewalk…right into that bus stop’s partition.

Rob dedicates an upcoming segment to A$AP, himself, whose catch phrase is the ever-modest “I Be That Pretty Motherf*****.” So, in the antithetical “Not So Pretty Motherf*****,” the Red Couch Crew turns the theme on its head and laughs through clips of everything from the accidental headbutting of snow-capped cars to a point-blank kick-to-the-face with a soccer ball. You thought Quasimoto was an unsightly specimen? Wait ’til that injured athlete takes the ice pack off of her face — then we’ll really have monster on our hands. Hey, no judgment here!

Check out the video, and tune in to an all-new “Ridiculousness” Thursday night at 10e/p!