New albums will no longer be goin’ up on a tuesday

You may not have any idea what the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry even is (lol, I didn’t), but they just made a decision that will affect every album release in the future.

The IFPI announced Thursday (Feb. 26) that starting this summer, all albums will be released simultaneously worldwide on Fridays.

At the moment, albums are released at different times in different countries, depending on which day of the week that region has designated their official “album release day” — that day is Tuesday in the U.S., as you probably already know.

In a statement on, chief executive Frances Moore explained that the single worldwide release day is an effort to combat music piracy, as consumers will be able to access the new material no matter where they live.

It goes without saying that none of these rules will apply to Beyoncé or Drake because they can literally do whatever the hell they want.