Biggest fan: nev schulman’s daughter loves watching ‘catfish’

Nev Schulman‘s little girl Cleo may not understand what it means to catfish someone — but by the looks of it, the six-month-old gal loves viewing the edge-of-your-seat program. Can you blame the cutie patootie?

The infant’s mama and Nev’s fiancĂ©e Laura Perlongo shared a priceless clip of her daughter tuning in to the show (last night’s instalment of the series, featuring Dylan and Ally, who turned out to be Mary, is playing in the background).

watching my two favorite shows

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“Watching my two favorite shows,” Laura captioned the video, which finds Baby C chuckling at her mama — and maybe a bit at the shenanigans unfolding on the small screen behind her. A scene featuring her dad and his fellow digital detective Max Joseph can elicit that type of emotion.

Be sure to keep watching Cleo’s pops Nev, as well as Max, every Wednesday on Catfish — and check out a bonus clip featuring the aforementioned love hopeful Dylan below.