Nev and max hatch a plan to catch the worst catfish offender yet

Nev and Max have encountered some serial Catfish guys and gals through the years — but when the series returns on August 10, the duo will deal with quite possibly the worst offender yet.

In a sneak peek from the premiere below, the MTV detectives present their findings to an emotional Jamee about her former digital companion who conned more than 400 (yes, you read that right) victims. But there was an issue with contacting the cyber criminal: The young man behind the fake account had blocked the multiple women he had communicated with when they started to suspect his lying tendencies — including Jamee. Fortunately, though, Nev and Max had an idea.

“Let’s use someone from the crew!” the silver fox states in the clip above. “We need to get a man behind enemy lines, or a woman,” he continued, while Nev exclaimed that this wouldn’t be catfishing the suspect.

So did their plan work and will Jamee come face-to-face with the person responsible for causing her so much grief? Catch a special double dose of Catfish (two episodes!) on Wednesday, August 10 starting at 10/7p!