Naomi tweets that her father passed away, thanks ‘challenge’ fans for their support

When accepting a “Challenge” bid means flying thousands of miles to an exotic destination and competing in missions not even Willy Wonka could have dreamed up, it’s easy to feel like the whole experience is a fantasy. Unfortunately, Naomi got a serious reality check on the first “Rivals II” episode, when her family phoned to say that her father’s health was failing and he didn’t have much longer to live. Though Cooke was Naomi’s “Las Vegas” enemy, she threw her support behind her new teammate, who ultimately decided to leave the game. And it looks like leaving was the right choice, as Naomi has sadly revealed that her dad died shortly thereafter.

If there’s a single silver lining to this, it is proof that hard times can bring people together — even those who’ve been at odds since they met. “@CookeMTV I love u and thank u for being so supportive I know how much family means to u and I appreciate u for being on my side,” Naomi tweeted to her teammate, who didn’t make a peep about the possibility that she might have been eliminated by association (and we KNOW how badly the athlete and “Challenge” first-timer wanted to stay). Thankfully, Cooke is still in the running for the “Challenge” title, and, hopefully, she and Naomi can keep up their ceasefire.

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