Nany’s ‘challenge’ confession: i hooked up with emily

In high school, hooking up with the head cheerleader is the holy grail, but in the “Challenge” world, getting down with a noted champion earns you bragging rights. Before “Free Agents” premieres next month, the new crop of competitors are unearthing their deepest, darkest secrets from games past in our “Challenge Confessions” video series, and Nany, for one, has quite a story: She locked lips with one of the most feared players in the series’ history, Emily, a.k.a. Superwoman.

“Secretly I think she and I had a little crush on each other,” Nany says in the video below, smiling at her “Rivals II” memory. “One night, I think I was dared to walk up to her and kiss her, and I definitely did it. I absolutely did it.” Well, at least there’s no confusion in the matter! But with the most recent female winner sitting “Free Agents” out, who will Nany’s makeout buddy be this time? Any predictions?

Hear the juicy details of Nany’s hookup, keep up with the MTV Shows Blog for more “Challenge Confessions” and be sure to tune in to the “Free Agents” premiere on Thursday, April 10 at 10e/7p!