Musical star wars references that you might have missed

As Star Wars Day finishes up, here’s a look at just a few of the many times Star Wars was referenced in popular music.

1. All N My Grill – Missy Elliot ft. Nicole Wray & Big Boi

In Missy’s 1999 hit, rapper Big Boi spits the line “And people around me is tellin’ me that you is a stalker/ Like Darth Vader takes a Skywalker/ I told you I was the street talker.” This isn’t his only nod to the Star Wars universe though. In Outkast’s Happy Valentine’s Day, bandmate Andre 3000 says, “Han Solo till I’m hit by the bullet, so may the force/ Be with you, and I’ll hit you when better time permits.”

 2. I Need a Doctor – Dr. Dre ft. Eminem and Skylar Grey

Eminem already has already referenced Star Wars in four of his own sings, so could he have planted an Easter egg in the I Need a Doctor? Eminem raps to Dre, who is suspended in a tank that closely resembles the Bacta Tank that an injured Luke Skywalker healed in during Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

3. Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G

Biggie references one of the most notorious Jedi in this song off Life After Death, saying “Hit ’em with the force like Obi…” Are his words really hypnotizing, or could he be using Jedi mind tricks?

4. Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers 

Anthony Kiedis gets his geek on, mentioning not only Star Wars, but Star Trek too! He references Princess Leia’s home planet, Alderaan, just before the chorus, saying, “And Alderaan’s not far away, it’s Californication.” Well Anthony, Alderaan may not be far, but does it matter anymore since the planet was destroyed by the Death Star’s superlaser?