Much studios presents ‘positive’ – an intimate look at what it means to to be hiv+


Much Studios is back with a new original piece, a thought-provoking and intimate documentary titled Positive.

With a round table-style discussion moderated by Much Creator Michael Rizzi, we meet Stuart, Justin, Cameron, Julio, and Xica—millennials who all identify as HIV+.

Together they open up about identity, stigmas, relationships, the concept of U=U, allyship, and the importance of history.

We follow them through their involvement in the community, their hobbies and get to dive into their personal stories. We learn about their how they cope with the condition, advocate for change and about their overall journey to finding peace with their diagnoses. Intimate, uplifting and positive in its outlook – the documentary sheds light on a stigmatized illness and beautifully captures the experience of living with HIV in 2019.

Positive will air on Saturday, June 22 at 8:30 p.m. ET on MTV, but you can watch it now in full here.

Read more about the individuals highlighted in Positive below.


Cameron Chase is multidisciplinary artist and producer based in Toronto. With a career spanning film and television production, theatre, experience creation and multiple world renowned festivals, Cameron uses various artistic mediums to break down societal barriers. Cameron is looking forward to using Positive to help break down the stigma surrounding HIV and give back to his community.


Xica is a trans and HIV Advocate, community peer leader and volunteer. She has performed in numerous community and Pride events around Ontario and Montreal, and has been counted as one of 100 New Queer and Trans Canadian Artists of 2019 for the 10X10 Project.


Stuart is gay, genderqueer and has been living with HIV since 2016. He is finishing up a degree in women and gender studies and sexual diversity studies, and focuses on HIV advocacy and research wherever possible. Stuart currently volunteers with the People With AIDS Foundations and is looking forward to further involvement with the community through awareness and advocacy projects like this.


Justin Anantawan is a recent graduate of the social service work program at George Brown College.  He completed his internship at Asian Community AIDS Services and is grateful for all the love and support he received there while working.  He would like to continue doing outreach in the field of HIV and AIDS. Justin is also a church choir director, teacher and fashion photographer, and will be performing at AIDS Vigil 2019.


Julio Reyes balances his passions for education and fashion by being an active voice and leader within the fashion industry, as well as a dedicated early learning educator for over 10 years. He seeks to make the world a more beautiful, understanding, and inclusive place by being an advocate for early childhood  education, safe-space environments and social justice.