Mtv’s top “sh** just got real” moments of 2012

MTV is famous for featuring drama of every level. Crying, fighting, “I’m pregnant” declarations…you name it, we’ve got it. But there are some scenes that go above and beyond the network’s norm, stopping us in our tracks, leaving us cold and alerting us to one very clear thing: Sh** just got real.

From Jenelle’s blowup with her roommate on “Teen Mom 2” to life-changing confessions, we’ve collected some of the most sweat-inducing, nerve-racking moments shown on MTV during 2012. Watch ’em and…weep.

Moment: Amber Portwood Opens Up About Life As A Prisoner

Show: “Amber Behind Bars” special

After the teen mom decided that time behind bars was the only solution to her legal troubles, Dr. Drew checked in with her in jail to get a sense of where she was at. For the first time in awhile, Amber was not under the influence, and her sober nerves were palpable. She talked about life without her daughter and how and why she hit rock bottom, garnering sympathy from previously bitter show fans.

Moment: Vicente Comes Out To His Best Friend

Show: “It Gets Better” special

“I’m making certain changes that I want you to be a part of.” That’s how Vicente started the conversation he’d been anxiously practicing in his head. For some time, he’d been struggling with how to tell his straight best friend that he’s gay and in a relationship, and though Taylor ultimately showed Vicente the support he hoped for, the road to resolution was rocky.

Moment: Kristina Breaks Down Over The Memory Of Her Dead Fiance

Show: “16 And Pregnant

No teen pregnancy is easy, but few could ever imagine the pain Kristina went through on “16 And Pregnant” when her child was born without his father. Todd, Kristina’s ex-fiancé, tragically drowned in a riptide, and after the couple’s son was born, the enormity of Kristina’s loss finally hit her. Grab a plus-size box of tissues for this one…

MomentJenelle Freaks Out On Her Roommate

Show: “Teen Mom 2

Friends that choose to live together can set themselves up for toxic arguments, and no two made the point clearer than Jenelle and Tori. Jenelle was pissed when Tori’s friends used her house as a party pad, and she fumed to the point of threatening to move out. Within minutes, the fight escalated to a physical brawl that left the girls (and their boyfriends) in shambles and Jenelle sobbing into her hands.

Moment: Olivia Admits To Using Heroin Again

Show: “True Life: I’m Addicted To Heroin

Part of getting clean often involves relapse, and on a particularly controversial “True Life” this year, Olivia, a recovering heroin addict, confessed to her friend that she’d started using again. “Jesus!” was all her friend could manage to drum up at first. Yup, sh** just got real.