Mtv’s new series shows grit and hustle of “washington heights”

You think you know, but you have no idea. This is the story of “Washington Heights.” MTV’s latest docu-series will follow the lives of nine friends trying to make it in New York City. With 11 hour-long episodes, the show will premiere on the network with two back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, January 9 at 10:00pm et/pt.

The series will document the comrades as they navigate careers in fashion, music, baseball and poetry, but also try to balance their family, dating and friendships as well. ” ‘Washington Heights’ is an honest, intimate and entertaining look inside the lives, spirit and hustle of a unique group of individuals as they strive to pursue their passions,” Chris Linn, executive vice president of MTV’s programming and head of production, said in a statement about the series. “The show celebrates their friendship, neighbourhood pride and mutual support as they make their mark — even when the challenges are great. We are optimistic that the stories of this incredibly appealing cast will connect with our audience in a deep and meaningful way.”

MTV’s going to get “Buckwild”!

Wanting to know more about the residents of “Washington Heights”? Here’s some scoop:

JP (a.k.a. Audubon)

JP is described as the “undisputed peacekeeper, motivator, and glue behind this tight-knit group of friends.” While he wants to make it in hip-hop, he fears he may have to give up the dream to help out at home.


She is the “fiery diva” of the bunch who is trying to also cut it in the music industry as a singer.


What she lacks in stature she makes up for in personality. She’s “boy-crazy,” especially for Ludwin, but also cancels her energy in her dreams of becoming an English professor.


This up-and-coming artist has a mutual attraction to Frankie, but wonders if he can be the man she needs.


He’s got big-league baseball dreams, but has to contend with a rough home life. His mom is MIA, his dad is finishing up a seven-year stint in prison and his girlfriend, Eliza, tends to add some drama to his life.


She is a New Jersey native and budding fashion designer. Eventually her issues with Jimmy’s friends may lead to him having to make a major life decision.


He lives at home with his mom and younger brother, Fred. While he knows he wants to be something, he just doesn’t know what that is, whether it’s model or actor.


Unlike Rico, Fred knows what he wants as he tries to hustle his way through the fashion industry.


She may look “all-American… but she’s Heights to the core.” She’s able to give her friends a different perspective on love and life.

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