Mtv’s most gifable moments of 2013


Rewind buttons are so 20th century. In recent years, the GIF has become the Internet’s official source of replaying fan-favorite TV moments, and in MTV-land, this means gawking at the network’s funniest, scariest and most uncomfortable bits until we couldn’t stand it any longer (and then once or twice more). The MTV Shows Blog has got plenty of “Best of 2013″ content to come as New Year’s Eve approaches, but for now, kick back, relax and watch this year’s most GIFable moments, again and again and again.


GIFable moment: Paumily take first place.
Show: Rivals II
From the get-go, the former nemeses dominated the game, racking up win after win, and even though they started off the final mission on shaky ground, the powerhouse team ultimately pulled out a well-deserved first place, marking Emily’s first and Paula’s second win. THE HUG! THE FEELINGS!


GIFable moment: Justin gives Artis a slow clap.
Show: Catfish
Some “Catfish” features find love, and others…find Justin. The man on a mission to take down people that he believed were cheaters shocked Artis when he popped out of a car, delivered a deliciously malicious slow clap and referred to the man he’d deceived as his “sweet chocolate kiss.” Maybe some friendly debate would have sufficed…?



GIFable moment: Scott Disick describes his urban appeal.
Show: The Show with Vinny
You better believe that whenever Scott Disick leaves the house he’s dressed to the nines, but as he explained to Vinny Guadagnino’s family this year, looks can be deceiving. According to Scott, not all of his fans are suit-and-tie guys, and he made the point clear over some antipasti and wine in Staten Island.






GIFable moment: Lacey sucks at surprise parties.
Show: Awkward.
Some people say it takes a village to raise a child, but all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t have helped Lacey Hamilton secretly plan a surprise party for her daughter. Lacey’s choice expletive of “sh*t” may have been enough to cover her inability to keep Jenna‘s 17th birthday party a secret, but who knew it’d work so well to express everyone’s shock when they saw Jenna and Collin making out in the Hamilton household?


GIFable moment: CT Puts On A Show In “XXX Games”
Show: “Rivals II”
Just because CT’s partner, Wes, decided to quit the day’s bizarre challenge didn’t mean CT was ready to follow suit. Instead of walking off the playing field, the eventual champ decided to put on a show for the ladies during a human-buzzsaw checkpoint and potentially tacked on a fourth “X” to the mission in the process.



GIFable moment: Snooki gets realistic about wedding dress shopping.
Show: Snooki & JWOWW
Silk? Taffeta? Who cares what a dress is made out of if you can’t take a quick pee break before walking down the aisle? Nicole Polizzi has never been one for convention, and her wedding dress shopping session proved to be no different when she left her mark on New Jersey’s bridal industry by testing her gown for bathroom-friendliness.


GIFable moment: Jennifer offs Kali.
Show: Teen Wolf
An eye for an eye, indeed! Turns out, Beacon Hills operates under Hammurabi’s Code. After Kali unsuccessfully tried to kill Jennifer back when they were members of the same pack, Jennifer — who eventually grew into the all-powerful Darach — gladly returned a more final favor by sending shards of glass flying into Kali’s face. Note to self: Don’t f**k with Jennifer…


GIFable moment: An open-mouthed makeup tutorial.
Show: Girl Code
Makeup isn’t just about the final look, it’s all in the face you make to get there. This year, the “Girl Code” cast finally acknowledged just how ridiculous women look when piling on mascara, and it turns out, if you aren’t catching flies while gettin’ pretty, you’re just not doing it right.