Mtv’s hottest hookups of 2013!

Last week, the National Snow & Ice Data Center discovered that Earth’s lowest documented temperature was a frigid -137 degrees Fahrenheit. On the opposite end of the spectrum, MTV Show Blogs can now officially report that 2013 marked record-breaking highs for all sorts of HOTNESS on the network. From cross-species “Teen Wolf” mackin’ to “Awkward“‘s biggest cheating scandal ever, MTV hookups certainly did not disappoint. Check out our picks for most thermometer-raising moments and don’t miss our Most GIFable Moments of 2013 and the year’s Best MTV Star Selfies!

Couple: Jenna and Collin
Show: “Awkward.”
Through most of high school, Matty McKibben had been Jenna’s one and only, but the teen blogger couldn’t resist taking a walk on the wild side with the new guy at Palos Hills High School, and Jenna’s tryst with Collin came at the expense of her relationship. Plus: WORST SURPRISE PARTY EVER!

Couple: Derek and Jennifer
Show: “Teen Wolf”
Before sheepish teacher Jennifer Blake was revealed to be, you know, a ritual sacrifice serial killer, she worked her way into Derek’s heart. Were her feelings for the lycanthrope real? We may never know for sure, but she certainly looked like she was feelin’ it in the heat of the moment!

Couple: Danny and Ethan
Show: “Teen Wolf”
Though Ethan’s brother, Aiden, warned him against falling for a fellow Beacon Hills student, Ethan couldn’t resist Danny, especially during an impromptu stay at a motel. Sadly, some supernatural gastrointestinal problems proved to be quite a c-block for the couple, but at least the guys made it out of the place alive!

Couple: Johnny and Averey
Show: “Real World: Portland
“Real World” romances are nothing new, but Portland’s power couple wasted no time by hooking up on the housemates’ first night out. Then, of course, there was the time they had a quickie in the Pizza Schmizza bathroom…WHILE THEY WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHIFT. Averey vowed to make a sex maniac out of Johnny and, well, we’d say she accomplished her mission.

Couple: Leroy and Theresa
Show: “Rivals II
Initially, it looked like Leroy had his “Challenge” sights set on Jemmye, but when he got the impression that she was a bit high-maintenance, Theresa snagged his attention instead, and the two proceeded to consummate their lust directly above her ex-flame, Wes. Bunk beds are not your friend, dude.

Couple: Jordan and Sarah
Show: “Rivals II”
Sarah’s usually the type to keep her focus exclusively on the game, but the vet simply couldn’t ignore newbie Jordan’s charms. His competitive nature got her all hot and bothered, and a small hallway in the cast house quickly became their hook-up spot of choice.

Couple: Anastasia and CT
Show: “Rivals II”
Anastasia will infamously be remembered for trying to beat the crap out of CT, but before their confrontation, the two Challengers did a little bit of smoochin’ in…that same small hallway! Guess it’s better than getting busy while someone’s trying to sleep in a bed below you.