Mtv’s biggest breakout stars of 2012!

Nicole Polizzi is an undisputed global phenomenon, and nobody can pass through Laguna Beach these days without considering Lauren Conrad’s huge success. But every star QB starts out on the bench, and this year we were thrilled to see some second-stringers get their first shot on the playing field. Consider 2012 the year of the MTV up-and-comer, and featured below are just a few of our favourite zero-to-hero stories from the past 12 months.

Take a look at our list, and place your bets on which of these newbies could one day have a chance at their own spin-off!

Breakout StarSnooki’s Baby Bump

Show: Snooki & JWOWW

It was the “I’m pregnant” heard ’round the world. Former party girl Nicole Polizzi announced she had one on the way earlier this year, and on “Snooki & JWOWW,” we saw the most unexpected baby bump of all time take shape beneath Snooks’ animal print blankets and comfy maternity clothes. Of course, Snooks has since had her child, and ‘Enzo is growing up before our eyes, but he first made quite a splash in Jersey City when he got his dear ol’ ma to ditch the drink in favor of pacifiers and informational classes involving the care of fake babies.

Breakout Star: “The Unit

Show: Jersey Shore

Remote Control can personally attest to the fact that this man is an attention-grabber, and he definitely drove the point home during Season 5 of “Jersey Shore.” “Unit” likes his meatballs, but proved he likes his booze more, and on an especially drunken night in Seaside Heights, wound up in the back of a police car. He’s the only guy we know who welcomes his friends back from their trip overseas by starting a huge fight at their homecoming party, and for that, he’s a keeper. It may not be the way of tradition, but it is certainly the way of the breakout star.

Breakout StarTeam San Diego

Show: Battle Of The Seasons

Show up, get sent into an elimination round before you have a chance to unpack your bags and go the f*** home: It’s been the way of the rookies on “The Challenge” for years. But Frank, Ashley, Zach and Sam have rewritten the rules for first-timers on “BOTS,” and, having had a heavy hand in sending two teams full of vets home straight out of the gate, they’ve developed into one of the competition’s strongest teams. They might be young, but don’t call them naive.

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