Mtv’s biggest brawls of 2013!

New Year’s Eve: A time for reflection, resolve and, of course, revisiting the past year’s most disastrous moments. When MTV talent weren’t snapping photos of themselves or getting busy between the sheets, they were trying their damndest to beat the crap out of each other, and between Hurricane Nia‘s descent on Portland and Tamara‘sAwkward” cold-clock, 2013 really brought out a fighting spirit among the network’s best and ballsiest. So, what better way to spread some holiday cheer than with a roundup of the biggest brawls? Check out our picks for the most heated scenes of the year, vote which was your favorite and remember: Hairdryers are for styling, NOT for drawing blood.

Opponents: Nia vs. Averey
Show: ”Real World: Portland
As it turns out, cleaning up after Daisy wasn’t just a matter of hygiene in the “Real World” house, it was also crucial to physical safety. A verbal argument that started when Nia stepped in the dog’s poo quickly escalated into warfare between her and the show’s lovebirds, Johnny and Averey, and when Johnny refused to fight back against Nia, Averey stepped in to protect her man from The Hurricane.

Opponents: Anastasia vs. CT
Show: “Rivals II
What started off as a tryst quickly devolved into an out-and-out battle, and as soon as Ana heard that CT was playing dumb about their hookup and insinuating she was a liar, she went off. CT’s tough, but we definitely wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of Bird’s high-kick.

Opponents: Tamara vs. Collin
Show: “Awkward.”
Mess with T’s BFGFBFF, and be prepared for a broken nose. After Jenna was caught kissing Collin by her friends and family, Tamara urged Matty to hit the new kid, but when he wouldn’t, T stepped up to the plate and socked the guy in the face. That’s some connection!

Opponents: Mimi vs….everyone
Show: “Big Tips Texas
Let this serve as proof that rumors are nothing but trouble. When word spread that Mimi was a homewrecker, she got the cold shoulder from her coworkers at the bar. And when Amber pushed her too far with a series of verbal jabs, she and the rest of the girls got in a good ol’ fashion hair-pulling fight that left weave tracks all over Redneck Heaven.

Opponents: Derek vs. Kali and The Twins
Show: “Teen Wolf
Derek’s pack planned to oust Deucalion‘s minions with an electrical charge, but when the mission didn’t go exactly as anticipated, it was Derek who was at a disadvantage, and soon, Kali, Ethan and Aiden made sure that he offed one of his own. R.I.P. Boyd.

Opponents: Gerard vs. Deucalion
Show: “Teen Wolf”
Not all evil-doers start out on the dark side! Though Deucalion was feared in Beacon Hills, viewers discovered he was initially a canvasser of peace, and it wasn’t until Gerard made a pincushion out of his face that Duke turned over a new, more evil leaf. WE THOUGHT LOVEWAS BLIND!

Opponents: Knight vs. Frank
Show: “Rivals II”
When it comes to the “Challenge,” the battles really do play out on andoff the field. At the show’s reunion, Knight confronted Frank about his constant s**t-talking, but when Knight couldn’t get a rise out of the former champ, he deferred to his fists. Thankfully, Emily was around to rip Knight right off of Frank before he could do any more damage.

Opponents: Aneesa vs. Trishelle
Show: “Rivals II”
Aneesa, who opened up about her sexuality way back on “Real World: Chicago,” could identify with Marlon, who’d just come to terms with his own bisexuality. For some reason we’re still not totally sure of, Trishelle was pissed off by the words of comfort Aneesa offered Marlon, and hurled a flurry of completely incomprehensible insults Aneesa’s way. The fight was messy, but the return of “Trashelle” made it all worth it.