Mtv viewer, foad discusses losing it late(r)

Foad, MTV Viewer

There’s a lot of societal pressure to lose your virginity early on in life; and if you lose it later, well you’re a loser. Technically, everyone who loses it is a loser, but that’s just semantics.

I lost my virginity when I was 21, not terribly late, but later than almost everyone on the show (from the episodes that I’ve seen). It was really bothering me that I hadn’t lost it up until that point, and the media didn’t give me much hope of ever losing it, see: The 40 Year Old Virgin. But sure enough, I did, and I’m not ashamed of it. I wouldn’t be ashamed even if I’d lost my virginity at 30, or 40, because that’s stupid. Instead, I would be happy that I’d finally had sex. I find that’s the best way to go through life, to look at the positive side of things, instead of dwelling on the past (which you cannot change).

So this is a message to those out there still unfamiliar with the genitals of other human beings, of any (legal) age. Don’t fret, and don’t pay attention to any negativity. It’s not a big deal, no matter what others tell you. It’ll happen eventually.

Until then, masturbate and prepare for the glory of sexual intercourse!