Mtv twitter roundup: the gloves are off, and the ‘rivals’ are throwing all sorts of shade

In case you’d forgotten, the “Challenge” cast is especially adept at exchanging jabs via social media (case in pointJohnny and Frank), but after the most recent episode, they really outdid themselves in the Twittersphere. When a throwaway vote for Leroy and Ty, courtesy of Theresa and Jasmine, evolved into all-out warfare between the competitors, the venom spilled over into online gunfire, and things got MESSY.

Jemmye, who’d previously had a crush on Leroy, took to Twitter to blast Theresa for her vote. Unsurprisingly, T didn’t take too kindly to this and fired back. Jasmine insisted to her followers that she wasn’t to blame for her partner’s error, but EmilyWes and Rachel — who’s not even part of this season’s lineup — chimed in to malign the team’s choice all the same. And just when it looked like it was only the girls who would take the heat, Wes and Leroy had a little exchange of their own, and it was none too pretty.

Take a look at the fallout below: