Mtv twitter roundup: get to know the “real world: portland” cast!

Real World: Portland” is just around the corner, and if the Spy Cam clips we’re posting aren’t enough to give you some insight into this season’s cast, why not get to know the eight strangers through social media? Already, the Northwest newbies have a pretty established Twitter presence, and we’ve collected some tidbits from their timelines that seem to be pretty indicative of their personalities.

Anastasia and Jordan clearly keep up with current events, while Joi and Marlon are steeped in health and wellness (or the occasional lack thereof). Jessica and Nia look wholly committed to getting s**t done and making the most of their time, but when it comes to Johnny and Averey, abstraction seems to be their game.


Do the casts’ accounts foreshadow what’s to come? Refresh your memory with the trailer and let us know what you think! Stay tuned, and be sure to watch the premiere on March 27 at 10e/p!