Mtv twitter roundup: baby lorenzo’s not moved by his holiday bounty

So, maybe getting into the holiday spirit comes with age? Snooki’s wee one, Lorenzo, was surely spoiled by his loving parents when Christmas morning finally came, but according to Nicole, the little guy wasn’t too concerned with the presents under the tree. Nothing wrong with a guy who isn’t materialistic!

Elsewhere on the web, Jenelle and Babs of “Teen Mom 2” buried the hatchet to spend a happy family holiday together, and Brett Davern also got into the spirit, urging “Awkward” fans of  Jake and Matty to call a temporary ceasefire. Brett’s co-star, Jillian Rose Reed, had a little bit too much to eat (join the club, J!), but Kailyn’s new metal mouth probably means she can’t have anything but yogurt and soft foods through the new year.

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