Mtv suspect sneak peek: why is shawntel’s ex suddenly hanging with her bff?

What would you do if your ex suddenly started hanging out with your best friend? If you’re Shawntel, you go on MTV Suspect to get to the bottom of it.

In a sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode, below, the aforementioned gal confronts her former flame Andre about the fact that he went to the movies with her pal Jasmine — and more.

“It’s just kind of weird to me how you guys didn’t hang out much before, but now that I’m not in the picture like that, you want to hang out a lot with [her],” Shawntel says, with hosts/sleuths Nev and iO by her side.

She also points out that Andre wouldn’t even know Jasmine if it weren’t for her — then gets blunt. Real blunt.

“If you’re not having sex with Jasmine, you don’t have to keep secrets from me,” she says.

Andre immediately tells his ex to “chill” and claims she’s got it all wrong, as iO steps in to inquire about his relationship with Jasmine.

“Has [it] crossed any lines beyond just platonic friendship?” iO asks.

“I don’t feel anything romantic towards her,” Andre says — just before dropping an interesting bombshell.

What does Andre say about Jasmine? Watch the clip to find out, and to learn what’s really going on between the two, catch MTV Suspect Wednesday at 11e/8p (right after Catfish)!