Mtv suspect sneak peek: why has brian abandoned his frat bros?

Nev and iO head to a bona fide frat house on the next MTV Suspect, but unfortunately, a keg party isn’t involved.

On Wednesday’s episode, the two tackle the curious case of Brian, a former frat dude who has suddenly — and completely — abandoned his bros.

“[We were] super-close to him,” Brian’s forgotten friend James says in the sneak peek above. “Then last year, he just stopped coming around. He [even] stopped commenting on some of our social media accounts.”

Meanwhile, Brian has been hella active on his social media profiles, posting countless photos from his brand-new adventures.

“He’s been putting a lot a more time into traveling…it’s mostly Hollywood and L.A.,” James says.

Nothing suspicious about that, right? Wrong. James has noticed a whole bunch of people commenting on Brian’s posts — “people we’ve never met or seen before,” he says. “And [they’re] saying some weird things.”

Like what? Watch the clip to find out, and to get to the bottom of Brian’s mystery, be sure to tune in to MTV Suspect Wednesday at 11e/8p (right after Catfish)!