Mtv suspect sneak peek: nev and io are desperately seeking dustin

Nev and iO are desperately seeking Dustin on this week’s MTV Suspect, but so far, they’re coming up with nothing but dead ends.

In a sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode, below, the sleuths buzz a door in the hopes of finding the man in question — but the apartment dweller inside is a dude named Bryan, and he’s hesitant to let the two upstairs.

“We come in peace,” iO says, successfully convincing Bryan to invite them in.

Once inside, Nev explains their mission. “A young man named Anthony set us on a trail to find Dustin,” he explains to Bryan, who still looks quizzical. iO immediately assumes that Bryan doesn’t even know who Dustin is but — guess what — he does.

“He was just here two weeks ago,” Bryan says, “but I haven’t seen him since.”

And then, Bryan warily asks that age-old question: “Is he in trouble?”

So what clues led Nev and iO to Bryan’s door in the first place? Watch the clip to find out, and to discover if Bryan is indeed in dire straits, catch MTV Suspect Wednesday at 11e/8p (right after Catfish)!