Mtv suspect sneak peek: is quinton’s brother hiding his health problems. Again?

A young man named Quinton has a really good reason to believe his brother is hiding the truth from him: He has before.

In a sneak peek of this week’s MTV Suspect, below, the track star extraordinaire meets Nev Schulman and iO Tillett Wright and offers background about his similarly athletic sibling.

“He’s my best friend — my trainer, my coach, my mentor,” Quinton says of his brother, who qualified for the 2012 Olympics before a cyst and hydrocephalus — a condition characterized by excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain — derailed his plans.

According to Quinton, his brother underwent six months of chemotherapy to battle his medical problems. But Quinton only found out about the treatment six months after it ended — a fact that befuddles iO.

“That strikes me as bonkers and bananas that he would go through six months of chemotherapy and not tell his brother/best friend,” iO says.

Fortunately, Quinton’s sibling “got better” and qualified for the 2016 Olympics. The two began training together again — until one day, when a terrifying incident caused Quinton to begin fearing for his brother’s health.

What exactly happened? Watch the clip to find out, and to learn the whole truth Quinton’s brother, catch MTV Suspect Wednesday at 11e/8p (right after Catfish)!