Mtv suspect sneak peek: is elizabeth working as an escort?

Is Elizabeth turning tricks?

That’s the big question on Wednesday’s MTV Suspect and, to answer it and possibly come to the rescue of their latest subject, super-sleuths Nev and iO decide to do some hands-on research.

“If our job is to determine if, in fact, Elizabeth is engaged in sex work or working as an escort, we should learn as much as we can about what that actually is,” Nev tells his partner in a sneak peek of the episode, below.

They do that by teaming up with Tim Jones — a 30-year veteran of the police force who now works as a private investigator — and going on a tour of the mean streets of Flint, Michigan. As the trio drives through town on a dark, foreboding night, Tim points out cars that are randomly parked and announces that a “friend” (aka escort) is inside each, looking for work.

“They’ll stay in a car with their pimp — they’ll just sit and wait,” Tim says.

Meanwhile, Nev clearly has Elizabeth on his mind.

“This is the kind of environment where someone who was just starting to maybe get involved in prostitution might end up,” he says ominously, and Tim readily agrees.

So what else do Nev and iO see during their eye-opening tour of Flint? Watch the clip to find out, and to learn what’s really going on with Elizabeth, catch MTV Suspect Wednesday at 11/10c (right after Catfish)!