‘mtv originals’ pressed lizzie renaud about the business of being creative.

MTV.ca Staff

MTV and Canon have recently teamed up for a new series called MTV Originals to highlight these special one-of-a-kind artists. Host Phoebe Dykstra dives into the fascinating worlds of these creatives to find out just what inspires them and what they do.


The latest segment focuses on Lizzie Renaud from Speakeasy Tattoos and Pinky’s Nails. Lizzie’s livelihood revolves around allowing her customers’ individuality to shine–both on a temporary and more permanent basis. Owning and operating both a tattoo parlor and nail salon allows for Lizzie to express her creativity through others.

Lizzie explains, “Nail art is very much like a tattoo where you need to express yourself in some way. So it is this way to show people the things you are into, how different you are but its not a tattoo.”


Check out her feature on MTV Originals.