Mtv first: steve aoki neon future ii album premiere


Tears made have been shed from both fans and Steve Aoki himself as he finished up the last show of his Neon Future Tour in Washington DC last night, but yesterday’s exclusive online premiere of “Neon Future II” will be sure to bring everyone back to life!


Ready to tap into a little #neonfutureexperience yourself? MTV has your official launch of Aoki’s Global premiere with MTV exclusive tracks Time Capsule, Youth Dem (Turn Up) featuring Snoop Lion, Tars (Interlude) featuring Kip Thorne, Heaven on Earth featuring Harrison and Albin Myers, Light Years featuring Rivers Cuomo, and Warp Speed (Outro) featuring J.J Abrams. 

Listen to collab- heavy “Neon Future II” with MTV below!    

Check out this awesome Album Premiere from Steve Aoki!

Can’t wait to get your hands on a copy? Neon Future II is officially available May 12th.